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We, IWASE, developed the Artificial Sparkling Spring DeviceBATH corroborated with Futech Niigataattached ultra-homogeneous mixerJet-Mixer we developed for the hairdressing industry.
The Sparkling Spring that was generated by this Artificial Sparkling Spring Device "BATH" will be possible to generate the sparkling spring more than previous product efficiently with the feature of high concentration(1000ppm) for a long time sustainability.

Measurement result of Artificial Sparkling Spring (0.06MPa、normal temperature, tap water)

Measurement result of Artificial Sparkling Spring (0.06MPa、40 degrees temperature’s hot water)

The Sparkling Gas that is included the sparkling spring indicates the various effects  through the skin efficiently.
It call Sparkling Springon the groundwater that is dissolved sparkling gas in a high concentration in the nature.  Equivalently, produce the good quality artificial sparkling spring device easily is BATH.
Bathing effect of sparkling spring is introduced by the various literature or the hot spring advertisement. The maximum of physiological action will be effect of vasodilatation. Namely it is expected the various effects that the blood circulation is improved.

Artificial Sparkling Spring Basis

Natural Sparkling Spring is including Separated Sparkling more than 1000 ppm. Separated Sparkling is Sparing gas(CO2) melting into water but it is different from the Sparkling gas that doesn’t melt into water. This Separated Sparkling will be became an important component to promote Sparkling spring effect.

Effect of the Sparkling Spring

A Phenomenon which is observed by immersed position(Immersed it is effectively)
You will be able to see sparkling gas small bubbles on the skin surface and also the flushing skin on the immersed position
Sparkling gas small bubbles is noticeable(picture 1) but it is not recognized sparkling spring effect at the small bubbles itself(It is good for psychological effect)
Flushing of the skin of the immersed position is seen only in the immersed position, your can see clearly the border line between the skin that is not immersed and the skin the is immersed(picture 2)
This is indicating that there is a topically action in sparkling spring.

B Influence on the cold feeling (you can feel about 2 degrees higher than actual water temperature.)
You can hardly feel the coldness that the cold feeling is suppressed by the skin immersed position.
Usually you can feel the cold in 34-35 degrees or less of fresh water but in case of Sparkling Spring, you can not feel the cold in 34-35 degrees.
You can feel a little hot with the neutral fresh water bath at 34 degrees in sparkling spring.

C Influence on the self-control function
Mainly it seems to influence the cardiovascular system and also skin blood vessels expand by sparkling spring so that skin bloodstream.

Summary of Clinical application.  Adaptation and contraindication.
There is over 120 years history about the treatment with natural sparkling spring and also already a record of sparkling spring bathing in Roman period.
Artificial sparkling spring of CO2 concentration 1000ppm is has been clarified the same effect as natural sparkling spring.
Therefore, artificial sparkling spring also can be expected the same effect as natural sparkling spring.

An example of adaptation
It will be adapted vascular disorder, autonomic neuropathy, neuropathy and etc.
There are disease that currently heart disease & etc. are on discussion if it will be adapted.

An example of Contraindication
①Requires attention to dizziness caused by decreased blood pressure, a person who trend to have lightheadedness. (When moving after sparkling spring shampoo, pay attention to wander)
②Heart disease patients, there is a possibility to increase the heart load.
③Requires attention to bronchitis, Lung disease & etc. because they tend to be high sparking hyperlipidemia. 

Picture Picture

There are the following effects in the sparkling spring.


The Clients who are using our Sparkling Spring Generator Device BATH  
  Oshare salon Minami   Aitech   Pet salon Tanaka


We are NC precision lathes factory of the stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass, plastics & etc., from 3 to 300mm diameters.

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